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Spiral is a cultural complex in Minami-Aoyama, central Tokyo, run by Wacoal Art Center. The art center draws on its wide-ranging creative network and know-how to plan and produce its own projects. This newsletter provides information about our latest projects and activities.


Community Development

December 10th, 2018-
April 4th,2019

Tachihi Public Art Award 2020


GREEN SPRINGS is the tentative name for a new district in the green zone north of Tachikawa Station in west Tokyo. Tachihi Holdings is overseeing the redevelopment project, which has launched an open call for artworks to be exhibited publicly in the area, whose vision is of community well-being that connects the sky, land, and people. Entrants are asked to think about what well-being means to them and then create artworks expressing this. The open call for submissions from artists around the world under the age of 40 started on December 10th. Spiral is handling planning and production for art award.

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Urban Tourism

December 23rd–24th,

Kyota Takahashi
“Moving Projection Theatre:
Holy Night in Kabukicho”


Kabukicho Shopping District Association will hold “Moving Projection Theatre: Holy Night in Kabukicho” in Cinecity Square, created by the artist Kyota Takahashi. The event features a new kind of artwork projected onto the buildings that surround the plaza in the heart of Kabukicho. In this Christmas spectacle, the buildings will transform into the talking faces of famous comedians and entertainers from Yoshimoto Kogyo. Spiral is producing the event.

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Planning Support

November 10th, 2018 –
January 14th, 2019

Art Museum & Library, Ota
“Endearing Buttons:
The Button Crafts of Iris”

“Endearing Buttons: The Button Crafts of Iris” is the first in a new series of exhibitions exploring the genealogies of craftsmanship in the city of Ota in central Japan. In addition to special exhibits from the internationally rare collection of the Button Museum, which is run by Japan’s leading button manufacturer Iris, the Gunma-based Akutagawa Prize-winning writer Akiko Itoyama and local Ota photographer Atsushi Yoshie visited a button factory in the city, expressing the unique charms of button craftsmanship through text and photography. Spiral handled overall direction for the exhibition.

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Community Development

December 20th, 2018

Publication of
“Flower Street of 19 Cities and Towns:
Opening Up Yamaguchi”


Yamaguchi Yume Flower Expo took place in in the southern Japanese prefecture of Yamaguchi this autumn, successfully attracting around 1.3 million visitors. This new book publication documents an art project that Spiral was involved with at the event. The Flower Street of 19 Cities and Towns was a highlight at the expo venue, featuring large-scale photography of floral from the titular 19 cities and towns prepared by the famed flower arranger Shogo Kariyazaki, paired with landscape images taken by the photographers Mototaro Ishizuka and Arimoto Yayoi while traveling around the locations. Verse by the Chuya Nakahara Award-winning poet Misumi Mizuki complements the photographs and the series of stories they weave.

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Marita Liulia
“Golden Age”

January 5th – 17th, 2019


International Exchange

Partner Project


January 22nd –
February 3rd, 2019



Partner Project

Fujiwo Ishimoto:
From Marimekko Flowers
to Ceramic Fruits

March 9th – April 21st, 2019


Spiral Garden





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